Templestyle Integrative Arts

an online Sanctuary and Global Training Hall applying the wisdom of the inner temple to our real lives and challenges.

Dignified Embodiment

The first tenet of the Templestyle philosophy is "dignified embodiment." 

We train to inhabit our bodies and our walk on planet earth in a way that radiates the inherent worth and dignity of our innermost being.

Openhearted Compassion

The second tenet of  Templestyle is openhearted compassion.

We train to conduct our relationships and interactions with love, empathy, and respect.

We endeavor to meet life with an open heart as our fundamental way of being!

Lucid Wakefulness

The third tenet of the Templestyle philosophy is lucid wakefulness.

We meet life with our open hearts, open eyes, and open minds.  We vivify ourselves with the dynamism of our creative core of being!

Wakefulness makes us aware of the needs of others, and informs our dignified embodiment of compassion.

Latest Release: 'Qigong Therapy for Autumn'

Boost the power of your lungs, attune to the energy of the season, tone up your immune system!  Three easy-to-learn qigong sets designed to optimize health and have fun doing it!

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Upcoming Events!

Three-Class series on upgrading our interpersonal skills through insights from the world's contemplative masters!  https://templestyle.mykajabi.com/buddhist-keys-to-better-relationships

The holiday season is often stressful, but luckily communication and empathy is one place we have some leverage!
This class will go over the most essential skills in both self-talk and relating with family and friends during the holidays.
Whether you're gathering with folks you only see once per year, explaining why you won't attend the church service, or staving off loneliness, this class has methods for you!

The Alchemical Immersion is a free, 108-day qigong training program, guiding students in learning the essentials of qigong practice from the comfort of their homes.

Join us beginning in January as we go through the course together online! https://templestyle.mykajabi.com/alchemical-immersion-108


The skill of empowering compassion.  Completion retreat for 'Empathy Dojo Certification' participants. 

Energetic healing and qigong practices to open the psycho-somatic centers of the body.

(required for Qigong Instructor Level 2)

Learn all the basics of the Daoist art of hands-on healing.  This retreat is the final course in our Qigong instructor certification and is also open to the public - with requisite Qigong experience.


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